Angela Sequeira
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Responsible for:

1. Winter Ident - Model, cloth and mass simulation.

2. Maria Lua e a Porta Mágica - Characters: animations/mocap edition/cloth simulations, animals: concept/model/rig/skin and part of post production.

3. Grandes Manhãs - Some of the models, textures and ballon simulation.

4. Zig Zag Band - Characters morph targets, some of the models, uvmaps and textures.

5. Summer Ident - Liquid / bubbles simulations and the sandal modelling.

6. Leopoldina e a Ordem das Asas - Animation key poses and previs.

7. Dragão Caixa - Sport animations and the building model.

8. Territórios - Some of the models, train / cars circuits and clouds.

9. Think Again - Some of the models, rigs, animations and a maxscript for the end.

10. Faizah, rumo à Vitória - Characters rig / skin, environment modelling / texturing and for some of characters animation.

11. Porto Alive! - Some of the models / animations.

12. Ballon Ident - Balloons simulation and modelling.

13. Autumn Ident - Leaves simulation.

14. Spring Ident - Car modelling, ground texture painting and testing flowers / wind possible simulators.

15. Vida de Cão - Some objects / furniture models, dog's rig / skin and to animate some scenes.

16. Caminhos da História - Some of the models, rigs and animations.

17. Invictos - Fire and smoke simulations. Modelled and textured pyramids, bowls and shields.

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